Wanderlust- Everyone that wanders can’t be in your travel squad!


I love to travel with my girlfriends but every friend you have can’t be your traveling buddy. Let me know if you can identify any of your friends in this travel squad.

1. Ms. I’ll pay you back when I get my check next week.
This friend is always ready to book a trip. The problem is, she has to wait for her unemployment or tax return check before she can pay for her flight. When you reach your destination, she only orders an appetizer and water hoping you will share your food. She will find something that she doesn’t like about the restaurant. This is done in order to avoid paying a tip. Before the trip is complete, she will run out of money and ask to borrow $50, knowing that she can’t repay you until 2 weeks later.

Advice: Inform her in advance that she may starve or be forced to stay in the room if she does not spend her money wisely. You do not have extra funds to loan her.

2. Ms. I love Bae so Much.

You are planning an all-girls trip and she wants to bring her boyfriend. You tell her,” No, we are not bringing sand to the beach”. While on vacation she calls and Facetime’s her boyfriend ever couple hours. At the day party, she refuses to engage with any other males and appears bothered that anyone would dare try to talk to her. She wants to go back to the room early to call him before he goes to bed.

Advice: Leave her at home and tell her to plan a trip with bae next time.



3. Ms. I’m on my way but doesn’t arrive for another 45 minutes.
This is the friend who you call several times to make sure they are on their way. They often arrive an hour before the plane is scheduled for departure. When it is time to leave the hotel room, they take the longest shower, has to apply a full face of makeup and takes their time leaving the room, having everyone waiting for them to arrive to go to the next destination. When it’s time to go out at night, everyone has to wait for her because she has to pick out the perfect outfit, iron and do her hair.
Advice: Remind her that the crew will leave her if she is not ready at the designated time.


4. Ms. Adventure Planner

They are very organized and a detailed itinerary can be found on a Google drive. She wakes up opening blinds in the hotel room and starts brewing coffee for the whole team. Ms. AP has activities planned from 6 am- until midnight. She is an adrenaline junkie, planning various excursions such as skydiving, parasailing, riding camels, etc. At night she knows the best local spots to hang out. You can appreciate the planner but she is energizer bunny that is doing too much. You love your friend but you wish she would calm down because she is slightly dancing on your nerves.

Advice: Do what you can, you have to know your limits.


5. Ms. Travel Ho

Do you remember Ludacris song “Area Codes”? The lyrics say, “I’ve got hoes in different area codes”. Do you have a girlfriend who always finds a new boo on every trip and tells you not to wait up for her? You are always worried that she will land a starring role in the movie Taken #3. Thankfully, the next morning she shows back up with the group, glowing and ready for a new day’s adventure.

Advice: Tell her she shouldn’t run off with every island boo because everything that glitter is not gold.


6. Ms. Complainer

This friend complains about everything. They don’t like the restaurant because the waitress didn’t come quickly enough. They don’t like the city because it is too hot in the day and too cold at night. They hate the hotel because the mattress is not firm and they have back problems. They are ready to go home because they can’t watch their favorite ratchet television show. They are upset because you go to another country and then natives speak no English.

Advice: Have her complete a gratitude jar before she goes on the trip. Or put tape on her mouth and tell her to “SHUT UP”.

7. Ms. Sleeping Beauty

Her vacation goal is to sleep. She is team sleep and will get mad if you wake her up. I was in Thailand with my cousin and we had plans to see a cabaret show and eat traditional Thai dinner. After taking a nap, I attempted to wake her up and she rolled over and said she wasn’t going. Would you rather sleep in a Bangkok hotel or see the Red light district in Bangkok?

Advice: Let her know she can sleep when she return’s home and most certainly when she dies.

8. Ms. I don’t want to plan anything.

This friend refuses to be a part of the planning process. She will refuse to look for accommodations and doesn’t want to search for excursions but will gladly hand over their credit card for you to book everything. So here you are thinking this trip will be smooth sailing. As soon as you arrive at the hotel, she doesn’t like the furniture in the room and tells you, “I could have booked a better room”. You are on an excursion and she says that she is bored and ready to go home.

Advice: Tell her, “You are more than welcome to do the work next time, this is why I travel solo.”

9. Ms. Social Media Addict

This is the friend that always has to take the best photos for Instagram, spends time thinking of the perfect tweet, has to have the greatest Facebook story and constantly tells you to smile because you are on Snap chat. Do you have that person in the group who has to take a picture of her food and yours before eating? She gets extremely upset if she can’t find a Wi-Fi connection.

Advice: Get off your phone and actually enjoy the trip through your lens and not the telephone camera lens.

10. Ms. Strawberry Margarita

She doesn’t care what we are doing as long as she has a drink in her hand. This person is actually an introvert who becomes an obnoxious extrovert. But the reason you love her is because she can get you and your crew free drinks, get a party cracking and is usually funny as a drunk. You may have to take her phone away because she will more than likely drunk text her ex-boyfriends or friends things she’s been wanting to say but usually doesn’t have the courage to when sober. Hope she is a happy drunk and not an angry drunk or you may be breaking up bar fights.

Advice: Slow your roll because I’ don’t want to bail you out of jail or clean up your vomit.



  1. Haha! I love this list. I definitely had a friend who was number 3. She took getting ready to the next level. A full 2 hours to get ready, each and every day. Yep..started not inviting her anywhere or we’d meet her at the restaurant and if we were done, we left. Funny thing is, she had a long as list of what she wanted in a boyfriend. Like super specific..must be at least 6’4”, go to the gym 6 days a week etc. She actually lost great guys because she wouldn’t change..and yep..still single 15 years later.

    • Oh no, not still single 15 years later, she better reduce that list ASAP. Yes i know so many #3 people, I’m like hello be just a little considerate, start your day earlier if you know it takes you a long time.

  2. Gurrrrl lol this is so funny but so true! I can’t with the complainer I’m like just shut up! Guess this is why I’m either solo or travel with a squad of only 1 and she’s just the coolest. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for reading! Yes the complainers are the worst. Things that you would even think about, they will mention. #shutupplease Yes sometimes the squad is so small but that is cool as well.

  3. I am HOLLERING at the travel ho! Oooohh my goodness and I am at work so this is terrible! Lolol Ahhh I am going to have my first group travel experience for my birthday in two weeks. I am excited but nervous because of the different personalities. Pray for me.

    • Happy Early Birthday! Yes all them personalities could be a bad thing but it can be an absolute blast! I actually enjoy group trips. Ill send a quick prayer up for you. LOL

    • Yes, traveling is one of my favorite hobbies, so anybody that goes with usually has a great time! Im pretty sure your a joy to travel with as well.

  4. I love this post! I can relate to so many of these characters. Undercover I’m Ms. Adventure Planner. I plan all the activities and make sure I get the troops together, however, I let others plan their evening 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! Yes I am the adventure planner as well. We may be great travel buddies. 🙂

  5. I truely enjoyed reading your blog. It’s nicely written & funny. I look forward to reading more of your new topics.

    • Oh no, I want to inspire you to travel. I actually really enjoy group trips, I have great experiences, you have to try it.

    • Exactly, even people that normally get along really well doesn’t mean that you should travel together.. LOL

  6. I enjoyed this post I laugh the whole time I was reading. The first one really resonates with me because it seems like every time they say next week it ends up being two or three weeks later.

    • I agree be really careful, everybody gets an interview to see if they are compatible enough to travel… just kidding but not kidding ..LOL

    • Glad I could give you some laughter. 🙂 I think the Travel HO is a favorite for a lot of readers. LOL

    • Yes a real tiger (thank God he stayed calm). This post was a mixture of trips I’ve been on but we had a blast in Thailand.

    • OMG, this is one of the best comments I have received. It is very appreciated. Thank you so much Angela, glad you could relate to the post.

    • LOL, I love traveling with groups but all those personalities mixed together could create a storm. Sometimes solo travel is the way to go.

  7. Lmao I am definitely number 4 but I only travel with my bf and he wants to do everything i want to do. I also do understand that packed trips could be tiring so I leave alot of space for resting

    • See the good thing is ya team work well together, the problem is when these different types clash. Glad you all have fun together. I usually jam pack but a rest day is needed on any trip.

  8. And THIS is exactly why traveling solo is my favorite way to travel. Don’t have to worry about anyone but yourself in terms of all of these.

    • I love solo travel but i also really enjoy group travel, the best of both worlds. I do agree that you don’t have to deal with some of these issues if you travel by yourself.

    • Exactly you will probably find out more about person when you travel with them because of the close proximity and living spaces. Thanks for reading 🙂

  9. I love it, love it, love it! OMG I got one of each! The absolute most annoying is Ms. I love Bae so Much. This trip may partly be because you wanted to get your mind off him and you calling him or worst, he show’s up?!

    • Even though you have one of each, hope you all can still travel together or have remained friends after traveling..LOL Oh wow that is the worse when he shows up. I haven’t had that to happen but I would so mad.. LOL

  10. This made me smile..so true. We all have a girlfriend that fits in each category and you are so true not all of them or travel-ready! Some you need to leave at home…for the sake of the friendship. LOL

    • You are so right, I would rather have a good friend then a short term travel buddy. Glad I could put a smile on your face.

  11. OMG I died!!!!! This article was soooooo funny and relatable. I was reading these off to my coworker and were literally screaming at the fact that we know someone like each and every person you named off.

    • LOL! I’m so happy to hear that you and your co-worker enjoyed the post. This was a fun post to write because I can also see my family/friends that can fit the categories.

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