I Scream you Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream”.


I absolutely love ice cream. I saw a Facebook Post about a pop-up Ice Cream Museum and I knew I had to get tickets. Unfortunately, when I went to the ice cream website, the tickets were all sold out. I signed up to receive email alerts and several weeks later I received an email alert that additional tickets were going on sale. On Thursday, I quickly logged on but the website page continued to refresh due to a number of people attempting to purchase tickets. Finally, I was able to purchase 3 tickets for myself, mom and a friend. Our tickets were confirmed for Wednesday night at 7:30 pm. The Ice Cream Museum is located at 2018 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021. Ticket prices are $18 (children 3-12 and seniors 60+) $29 for adults (13+).

Me and my mom posing before entering the Museum


Upon entrance, they offered guest a small dove chocolate to eat. They also have a mural adorned with sweet treats such as ice cream, donuts, cupcakes, strawberries, cherries, candy canes, flowers, etc.




Payphone Room

The first room is all pink and has old pay phones. Pick up the telephone to hear instructions on how to navigate the museum. The telephone reminds me of pay phones that used to be on every street corner before the use of cell phones. I also have old memories of the old dial up phone that my grandmother used to have in her home.



The next room was set up like a mixture of Venice Beach meets Hollywood.



Ice Cream Stars of Fame Room

They had their version of Hollywood Star of Fame. They used famous stars and added an ice cream theme. For example, they had “Scoop Dog”. They had a replica of the Hollywood sign only it said, “Ice Cream”.

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In this room, we received our first scoop of ice cream called Salt and Straw aka salted caramel ice cream. I am not a fan of salty and sweet mixed together so I didn’t enjoy the combination but I know lots of people who love these flavors.



Banana Room

If you love bananas, you will enjoy the swing set and the hundreds of bananas hanging from the ceiling. Swinging on the swings brought up fond memories of going to the park as a child.









Laughter is good for the soul

Mint Life Room

Mint life is a room where they grow mint leaves in a small garden. You are able to smell and water the leaves. The second treat was mint chocolate trip ice cream wrapped in an edible Japanese paper. I’m not usually a fan of the mint chocolate chip but this was my favorite ice cream of the night.




Mint Chocolate Chip wrapped in edible Japanese paper



Check out these retro ice cream shoes. These platform ice cream shoes look groovy. I am not sure if I would actually wear them but I thought they were a delight to look at. Would you rock these shoes?

Ice Cream Sunday Platforms


Popsicle Room.

I love Popsicle’s because it keeps me cool on a hot summer day. These over-sized Popsicle’s made me wish I had one, but they were only for display. My favorite Popsicle is a Big Stick, I enjoy the cherry pineapple flavor. What is your favorite flavored Popsicle?





Gummy Worm Room

In order to have gummy worms from the room attendant, I had to dance or correctly answer gummy worm trivia. I chose to answer a trivia question. Did you know that German entrepreneur Hans Riegel invented the gummy worm in the 1920’s?





Charcoal Cookie Dough





I would give this two thumbs down.



Sprinkles Pool

My favorite part of the museum was the sprinkles pool. The pool is filled with plastic sprinkles. Per the rules, you must take off your shoes and no diving allowed. The only down side is I wish had more time in the sprinkles pool.









Last room of the night had several things. It had a cool Neapolitan ice cream sandwich swing. When the ice cream truck would come down the street, I would always order a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich.


Me and Lindsey enjoying our ice cream on the Neapolitan swing!


They also had a ping pong table where we played a couple rounds.


The last treat of the night was vanilla custard inside 2 small pink pancakes.






Gift Store

Don’t forget to Check out the gift store. My favorite item from the gift store was the ice cream earrings.





I loved and highly recommend the Ice Cream Museum. If you could go to the museum, what would be your favorite room?






What are your favorite ice cream and favorite ice cream creamery? I love cookies and cream flavor. I love cold stones and usually order the cheesecake ice cream, graham cracker crust, caramel, and Oreo’s mixture.


    • I didn;t know Baskin Robbins hosted birthday parties but I do enjoy their ice cream cake. My favorite part was the sprinkles pool.

  1. It is imperative that I visit this museum! I love ice cream and I must take a pic on that giant ice cream sandwich, lol.

    • The ice cream sandwich brought so many memories of the ice cream truck rolling down our street and me running outside hoping they didn’t leave before I found my money.

    • It’s limited in how long they stay in each city, but I believe it is a big attraction so they will continue to tour in different cities. (but no it is not a permanent site)

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ice Cream, so I would LOVE this museum! I need to check out the website to see if it will be popping up anywhere close to me! I know this had to be amazing especially for the ice cream lover!

    • Yay, another enthusiastic ice cream lover. You should def check out the next location. If you love as much as I do you would be in a little slice of ice cream heaven.

    • Yes I really enjoyed myself. Check the website to see if its coming to your city and grab tickets quickly they sell out super fast.

    • Yes they first started in NYC, they def sell out with hours. I did not enjoy the taste at all, i give it a 2 thumbs down.

    • It was so much fun. I didn’t know the trivia about Gummy Worms, so I appreciated the trivia lesson.

  3. This looks like soooo much fun!! Between the banana swing and the gummy worms, I would be in heaven!! Will add this to my must see and do whenever I make my way back to LA! Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes I had a blast on that banana swing. LOL, they will be traveling so hopefully it will come to a city near you. Thanks for reading!

  4. I gained 15lbs just by reading this post but my daughter would absolutely love this museum! Omg!! Looks like y’all had an amazing time

    • OH no not after you have been doing so good with losing your pounds. LOL Yes, I think your daughter would def enjoy the museum.

  5. Okay, I could lost in the Ice Cream Museum!! My kids would also LOVE to visit the ice cream museum because they are big ice cream lovers! Your photographs are so cute and it looked you had so much fun. It made me want to plan a trip to visit it and bring my camera to take so many photographs of the museum. My 15 year old daughter would love those Ice Cream Sunday Platforms! Lol!

    • LOL, getting lost is fun if its in the name of ice cream. Thank you so much, I purposely wore pink, so I could match with the backgrounds. I could see how your daughter would love and want to rock the platforms.

    • Yes the kids would enjoy but I guess the adults are big children, I seen more adults at the Museum then children. LOL

  6. Super jelly! I want to go to LA so bad just to visit this place I been waiting to go since last year this place is a magically dream. No charcoal cookie dough for me!

    • LOL, I didn’t like but you may, I say try everything at least once. You should definitely come to LA if you never had the opportunity to come, lots to do in the city.

  7. That pink dress is EVERYTHING! I saw a few other posts about this pop up museum and hopefully it will pop up somewhere near me. *fingers crossed*

    • Hey Tomi, Thank you, I bought it at Old Navy several years ago. I’m crossing fingers you get a chance to go, I think they are going to San Francisco next.

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